Fuseina Musah

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Fuseina is a 28 year old tailor living in a village called Dundo in Northern Region, Ghana (about 20 mins drive. from Tamale) She is also part of a Shea Butter producing cooperative and has recently married. In the literacy classes Fuseina was very active and even though she couldn’t speak English she always came to find me  and sit with me when I visited her village.

“I was 8-years old when my mother and father divorced. My father didn’t want me and my siblings to live with him so we moved to live with our mother at my aunt’s house. I had to stop going to school because my mother could not afford to send me so I just worked and helped around the house.

I decided I wanted to learn to read and write so I wouldn’t be cheated. If I go to buy something I can’t read the prices so I don’t know if I’m paying the right price or the seller is lying to me.

I went to my father and asked him to help me become a tailor. I wanted to learn so I could earn enough money to make sure my future children would have the chance to be educated. I’ve been a tailor for 5 years now and I’m so happy.”

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