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Theresa is a fabric weaver in the Upper East of Ghana, Bolgatanga to be precise. When she was younger she was desperate to seek greener pastures in the south. The south is more affluent than the north and a lot of younger people leave their towns or villages to try and find their fortune there.

Theresa travelled to the second city of Ghana, Kumasi where she hoped she would make something for herself. Sadly, things did not work well for her and she ended up sleeping on the street.

In the end, Theresa actually managed to find her fortune back in Bolgatanga. She learnt how to weave the fabrics used to make traditional smocks in the region. From there, her life turned around and she was able to develop her own business and become successful. However, she hasn’t forgotten the hard times and she now repays her good luck by teaching girls her trade and helping them turn their lives around.

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